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his part of Oregon is notorious for slave trading, abductions and sex trafficking on the docks for the black market. At or even near the docks, anyone can be tied, hijacked and thrown into sex slavery or stabbed and left for bait, chum for the sharks. This slave is so desperate to feel pain and pleasure that she knowingly risks her freedom to feel the domination and the taste of the whip. Bondage and Discipline are the only reality that she feels alive and at home in service to sadomasochism as only an experienced Master can facilitate. Well, this sassy readhead may have just found the most extreme experience possible, but it is risky. She unknowingly will be taken to the slave training yard, just three blocks from the docks with all the seals barking as the mating season brings them with the stench of rotting fish, she waits for her contact to show, as she is brought to the moment... she sees him. He is a big man, she feels her pussy twitch at the site of him, he walks assuredly towards her. She needs a fix of pleasure and pain real bad this time or she would run, feeling her asshole twitch and the drops on the floor through her panties, the strong smell of salt unable to hide the strong musk from days of masturbating in the dark for this moment. starring - Louise Miss Fortune Is placed on the Rack for intense pain, slave training. tags; Extreme, Caning, Rack, Medieval, Strict Bondage, Painful, Electrical Play, Nipple Claps, Shocking, Electric, Extreme Domination, Female Desperation, Steel Restraints, Extreme BDSM, Bondage Device, Stretcher table, Open Mouth, Dildo stick, Male Dominate, Female Submissive, Dungeon, Chains, Steel restraints, Master, slave, suffering, masochist, chain bondage, Sensualpain, Metal Bondage, Pain Whore, Painful, Pain, Slut, Pain Play, Steel Bondage, Bondage Humiliation, Female Desperation, Bound, intense, white slave, Female slave. Redhead, Ginger, Size:

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