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Nicky has found his step-sister's phone, and he is delighted that he discovered all sorts of sexy, nude photos on it! He decides to blackmail Selena and insists she suck his cock until he cums so that he does not share her dirty pics with the entire high school football team. Selena begrudgingly obliges, and starts to show her brother what a good cock sucker she is. She takes his hard cock in her wet mouth and sucks on it like it is a delicious lollipop. She is great at giving head, as her step-brother discovers, and she knows just how to use her spit and her lips to keep a yummy rhythm bringing Nicky closer and closer to cumming. The whole time she sucks, Selena tries to talk Nicky out of sharing her nudes. Nicky tells her that he will keep them to himself if she just makes him cum, and so Selena sucks and strokes harder and faster until Nicky cums in his step-sister's mouth. She is relieved, but Nicky laughs and tells her he has already sent all her photos to the football team.  Selena is briefly upset, but giggles and flirtily tells Nicky she is very glad she got to suck his cock..., Size:

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