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Heeey what's up, it's me, ya girl. Okay so I took this video a week before Anml Crossing came out, I'd started playing Stardew to pass time and not go crazy after the Anml Xing release day was pushed back. And just for fun, and to show how beautiful my farm & town are (and because I am so ridiculously extra when it comes to decorating and building games) I made this vid showing my house, town, farm, sewer, caves, secrets I've found, etcetera off so you can say "amazing!', "beautiful!", and "Wow Amy maybe you play too much Nintendo dude?" ♡ ♡ Comment on this vid if you like Stardew or Anml Crossing too And keep an eye out on my store for when I put up the option to get my friend code! ♡ ♡, Size:

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