Arena Rome [ManyVids] - A Royal Sensual Tribute


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This is what it sounds like when the.......Queen Arena Rome has always had one source, origin, or genesis in the realm of sex, kink, lust, and power.  The Purple One if you will was there from the very beginning teaching her about being a darling masturbating in hotel lobbies and being a sex fiend or equating sexual prowess to sports cars.  He brought gender bending fluidity to the main stream and made it funky and fun inspiring millions to be free.  This clip is a tribute or an homage to him shot on the anniversary of his passing.  Queen Arena Rome expresses her mourning and gratitude with the use of a holy veil, whips, chains, leather and fetish wear.  She performs to a rhythmic beat in the background that also serves to keep you in rhythm and is intended to draw you into a trance.  While She is manipulating the chains you are to pinch your right nipple and squeeze your ball to the beat.  As She handles the whip you are to pinch your left nipple and slap your balls.  Once She abandons all apparatus you are free to stroke it to the beat and cum at will as you whisper "thank you Queen".  There are so called kings, presidents, emperors, and czars and all of them made by man, but on the 7th day God made Prince and his Queen Arena Rome, Size:

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