AstroDomina [ManyVids] - NASTY KUNTZ PART 1 - DOUBLE DOMME


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Oh look what we have here! Two unexpected victims.. looks like Raevyn and I have our work cut out for us! Sydney and Raevyn Rose have one of their captives tied up and helpless, while Raevyn is just starting on him with her giant strapon. You can hear the poor slave grunting as he's taking all of Raevyn's cock. Sydney is teasing him and telling him that she's next.. and Sydney’s cock is even BIGGER Suddenly, there’s a frantic knock at the door.. It’s a poor boy who was tied up and had just escaped his own captives! How splendid! He nearly freaks out when he see’s what’s going on but it’s too late, Sydney already has him in her grip. She takes the new slave and makes him watch Raevyn pounding the first slave’s ass. Looks like he just happened to knock on the wrong door! The two Goddess’s tease and taunt both of them as Raevyn keeps shoving her cock deep into her slave’s ass. They make them watch each other, both gagged, and then watch as Raevyn and Sydney make out in front of them.. Finally, they flip both slaves on their backs and ride each of their faces, tormenting them even more by not even letting them breathe! They ride their faces, tugging on their nipple clamps and collars while getting extremely excited for what’s coming next… This is PART 1 in a 4-Part series! Stay tune for the next installment! Get MORE of Raevyn Rose here:, Size:

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