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I think most people have a certain “type” they’re are more attracted to than others when seeking a partner. I’m kind of curious what your type is because I happened to see a photo of your ex-wife and she looks a lot like me, huge tits. This makes me a little confused why you would marry my mom? I mean my mom is cool and all but lacking in the tit department. Your ex wife looks to be my exact tit size. Is this why you tend to hang out where I am in the house a little longer than you should? Don’t think I haven’t noticed your glances. I am legal age you know. So did you marry my mom to be closer to me? Maybe we can strike a deal that mutually benefits us both. You’re obviously attracted to me and there are things I could use that your money can buy. Nothing fancy on my list just new bra’s and stuff. Let me show you what I’m talking about. Lay down, relax and let me do all the work to get you off. Starring: Skyler Snow FEATURING: DADDYS GIRL 18 & 19 YEARS OLD BLONDE LONG HAIR BIG TITS HAND JOB TITTY FUCKING HAPPY ENDING OLDER MAN/YOUNGER WOMAN, Size:

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