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Ellie Roe let slip that she is very ticklish. So whilst we were deciding on some set ideas, this just had to happen. We added some bondage too, tying Ellie's legs to the bed so we have unhindered access to her feet. Ellie is nude apart from some stockings. We use a Hitachi wand and tickle Ellie relentlessly. There are two camera angles, one at the end of the bed focusing on her feet and one over the top looking at Ellie's face, boobs and pussy. She wriggles and writhes about as she is tickled. You see her boobs bounce, jiggle and her laughing ripples through her body. It's a real laughing session this, not faked at all. Her body looks fabulous and we 've helped to heighten this emotion with some slow motion sequences. Ellie's body is fabulous and looks so hot in this scene. There are male hands in this scene, they are not intrusive or a main part of the frame, typically just holding the Hitachi wand. This was fun to do and we had a good laugh shooting this, Ellie had more fun mind, Size:

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