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Louise-Skye is laying on the bed in her nurse uniform, to her side she has a double ended dildo and a pair of love balls. Like you do! Louise-Skye is slim and toned with a great figure. She starts to rub her pussy through her panties. She caresses her tits and body as she starts to get horny. She gives eye contact as she plays with herself, pulling up her uniform to rub her pussy. She starts to undress at 02:00 MM:SS and poses and teases in different positions. Her hand slips under her uniform to play with her nipples and she licks her finger before rubbing her nipples. She removes her cap and wants to get out of the uniform, which she lifts over her head. Her nipples are hardening as she tells us she has a wet pussy. Her hand goes into her panties to run her cunt. She lays down on the bed and rubs her pussy. She is getting hot and horny as she rubs her pussy. She tells you she want her pussy fucked hard. She removes her panties at 05:27 MM:SS and shows you her unshaven pussy. Those slender thighs and cute ass look great. She picks up the Wartenberg wheel and plays with it on her tongue for a short wile. She then removes her stockings and shoes to get completely nude. She runs the wheel over her nipples, we get in close so you can see the spikes pushing into her flesh. Pleasure and pain at the same time. Those spikes do hurt, but in a nice way. She does this to both nipples and she likes the feel of the sharp pain on her sensitive nipples. She rolls the wheel down to her pussy. Along her inner thighs and back towards her heat and tidy pussy. Rolling around the outer lips to tease her pussy and get herself ready, she can bear it no longer and has to use the wheel on her spread open pussy. She rocks backwards and forwards as the camera is in nice and close. Her pink wet pussy on display for us. At 11:07 MM:SS she picks up a pair of magic balls and sucks them whole in her mouth. She asks you 'I wonder what we can do with these?'. She rubs them around her pussy and you hear the weights inside the balls as she plays with them. She opens up her pussy and pushes one of the balls in and rocks about. You can still hear the ball's weights inside. We give you some slow motion here as Louise-Skye pulls the ball out of her pussy and you get to see a close up of her lips bulging as the ball is pulled out in it's string. She pushes the ball back in, followed by the second ball. She pulls the string and rocks backwards and forwards. She spreads her pussy so you can see inside. We cut to a pose where she is on all fours with both balls in her pussy. She tugs on the string and pulls the balls from her pussy. We show you one coming out at normal speed and the second in slow motion. You can see how wet her pussy is, she even tells you how wet she is. Back inside go the balls and we are in really close to see and hear the balls. She bounces up and down and obviously loves the feeling as she twerks her ass with...

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