Faith Eros [ManyVids] - OUR SEX DEPENDS ON U - PREVIEW


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I know my BIG - FAT slave ... that deep inside you have always dreamed of FUCKING me. Especially, my asshole! You LOVE ANAL a lot that's why you keep on liking my ASS on social media. I have a GOOD NEWS for you! TODAY, I will fulfill your dream but ... there is a TERM. Before you would be able to PUMP your cock inside my asshole you have to GAIN MORE WEIGHT. I want to feel your TUMMY bumping against my ass. Yup, that's right ... your FAT GREASY HAIRY tummy! I want you to look and feel yourself DISGUSTING! I want you to smell like a PIG! Eat this TURKEY I prepared for you ... eat it! Eat it while doing SPORT ... there from behind. You have to eat the whole of it! STUFF your mouth with it! Eat everything ... meat, skin. There should be nothing left from turkey ONLY bones. And even bones have to be sucked pretty good before you dispose it! And I have even better NEWS for you. I will COOK turkey for you tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. I will cook it for you for another 31 day. I want you to GAIN 31 kilo until the NEW YEAR. I want you to CELEBRATE it in a NEW BODY! Body of a FAT and miserable person. So keep on bouncing your BELLY against my ass. Don't EVER stop! Instead of a SAUCE you can use my PUSSY JUICE. FULL VIDEO is available here OR here, Size:

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