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I’m on holiday as part of my European adventure, and I’m soaking up the sun on a pretty campsite! I’m wearing a skimpy black dress which is nice and light fitting in this weather, and on my cute little feet I have on my trendy high top white sneakers. Underneath my dress, and tightly hugging my bare bum, is a white ID Slip. The sun really is beating down strongly, and I am enjoying some lovely cool shade in a sheltered picnic area. I’m having to take in lots of ice cold bottled water to keep myself hydrated, and as a result of this, my bladder is getting fuller all the time! I’m being very cheeky, and I keep on hitching up my dress to flash my ID Slip, which is very naughty of me It isn’t long before my bladder needs emptying, but I’m right in the middle of the campsite and I’m nowhere near a bathroom. But I really have slurped a lot of water, and I can’t wait a second longer. The campsite is very busy, and I’m in a very popular resting area, so I know I could be disturbed at any moment, but I simply don’t have a choice. After a quick glance around to check if anybody is coming, I let go right there on the bench. A strong golden jet pumps out into my ID Slip, soaking it through in seconds. The release feels amazing, and because I have placed the camera right up against the ID Slip, the view is close up and very cheeky indeed I can feel it growing and getting tighter around my crotch as it fills, and the pressure of the wooden seat pressing against it as I continue my wetting feels sensational. When I’m finally finished, I strike some more poses, showing off the ID Slip in all it’s soggy glory. What fun I’m having. One thing’s for sure, in this hot sun, I’m possibly the only thing that’s wet on the entire campsite, Size:

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