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It’s a nice day and I’m heading to a local park. I’m wearing a black and white striped t-shirt, a grey jumper over the top, a turquoise skirt, on my cute little feet I have on a thin pair of black socks and my white high top sneakers, and I’m snugly strapped into a gorgeous pink Megamax. As I walk along, I can’t resist pulling down my skirt in order to expose the top of my crinkly Megamax. I get a big thrill from flashing it in public like this, and the excitement is making my full bladder tingle I reach the park, and by now I’m so desperate to empty my bladder that I don’t even bother to find a quiet spot…I squat down in the middle of the grass and open the floodgates like the cheeky little scamp I am My warm release pours into my plastic, and I can feel it getting heavier around me with every passing second. And I know that someone might be watching me from one of the houses that overlook the park, but this only adds to the pleasure and the thrill of the wetting! When I’m finally finished, I stand up and adjust my skirt, but now my Megamax is so bulky that it’s poking out from the bottom of the skirt! The rest of my walk should be rather interesting, Size:

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