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I’ve caught a workman in my bedroom! I’m wearing a multicoloured dress and my shapely legs are bare. The workman has come round to fix the oven in the kitchen, but he has snuck into the bedroom without permission and I have collared him red handed. He is making a lame excuse about checking the electrics in here, but he doesn’t fool me for a second. He’s clearly been rummaging through my personal items…including my panty drawer! I confront him, but I don’t like his attitude at all, and to my shock he actually seems rather pleased with himself. He needs to be taken down a peg or two. I grab two pairs of the panties which he has been sniffing, and put them both on, one after the other. As he watches me wide eyed, I hold up the bottom of my dress so that both pairs of panties are still on show, and empty my bladder right here in the bedroom, in front of his very eyes! My release bursts through the panties and splashes loudly onto the floor, and I get a huge kick out of emptying myself with him watching helplessly on. I taunt him and turn around so that he can see my pert bum as well, and the huge wet stain at the back is proof that the outer layer is just as drenched as the one underneath. With my bladder satisfied, I remove both sets of panties and hold them right under the workman’s nose, daring him to have the guts to sniff them in front of me. When it comes to my panties, and wetting them, I’m the one who’s in charge, Size:

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