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Indica is having a hard time getting over her ex. She sits and talks to her best friend, Hannah Perez, for comfort. Hannah tells Indica she is better off without him. Indica has an idea. She wants to swap Hannah’s body out for her ex’s. She has access to a magic spell that will help her accomplish this. Hannah is a supportive friend and agrees to the body swap. Indica initiates the transformation. Just moments later, Indica’s ex takes over Hannah Perez’s body. He is shocked and confused. Indica celebrates the fact that she is now physically overpowering to her ex-boyfriend and imposes herself onto him. He does not warm up to the idea. Indica doesn’t seem to care. She rubs Hannah’s body all over, impose kisses and dry humps her. Being in this unique position, Indica takes the opportunity and starts rubbing out her boyfriend in Hannah’ female body. Her ex is completely not OK with this, but can’t help experience and enjoy the sensation of having his pussy rubbed! This is far from over. Indica is not thrilled with the mistreatment of her ex and the fact that he is so resistant to this sexual encounter. In a final power play, Indica puts on a strap-on and imposes her ex in Hannah’s body down to his knees. She shoves a big cock in his mouth and makes him beg her to stop!, Size:

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