Foot Patrol Studio [ManyVids] - Barefoot Citation with Kylie Rose - Full

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Kylie Rose knocks on the door of headquarters after receiving a summons in the mail. She’s been cited to report for a foot inspection, but hasn’t got a clue what the hell that means. Foot Patrol Inspector Archer Legend explains the purpose of the citation and the process of the foot inspection. Kylie has never heard of such a thing, but she allows Inspector Legend to look at her feet. The young lady is quite surprised that he does much more than look. Is it truly necessary for him to lick her sweet soles and suck her tiny toes? According to the inspector, it’s all part of standard operating procedure. Kylie finally gets some good news when he says that he will take her for a new pedicure. After returning from the salon, Inspector Legend tells Kylie that a final inspection is required before she is free to go. He performs an extremely thorough foot inspection on her dainty size threes; licking and sucking so much so that he nearly gags on her tiny foot. Kylie is getting a little tired of all this and urges the inspector to finish. The inspector finally pronounces her feet street legal; and asks her to pay the $295 fine. Kylie complains and says she won’t pay. The helpful inspector tells her there might be another way to rub this issue out. Kylie Rose agrees to work off her $295 civil fine by jerking off Foot Inspector Archer Legend. This definitely wasn’t how she saw her day going, but she has high hopes that he’ll at least finish quickly so she can leave. Inspector Legend worships her petite feet while she strokes away. It is very obvious from the loud slurping sounds that Archer is really enjoying this break from the usual workday. The inspector seems content to enjoy this for a while, so Kylie begins verbally encouraging him to climax. The combination of Kylie Rose’s sexy feet and talented fingers bring the inspector to a spurting eruption. This case is closed and Miss Rose is free to go. #footpatrolstudio #feetonfilm #archerlegend #kylierose #footworshiphandjob #footsmellinghandjob #barefoothandjob #chubdaddy #papichoncho #oldchub #handjobstudio #dicktwisters #jerkwhitey #jackwhitey #whackwhitey #footinspector #footcop #pedipolice #pedipatrol #vidafetiche #fiestafetiche #fetichedepies #fetichepies #amordepies #barefoot #descalzado #feet #pies #soles #plantas #toes #dedos #barefootwhitechicks, Size:

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