Ginary [ManyVids] - Batgrrl Mesmerized & Belly Inflated


Download Ginary - Batgrrl Mesmerized & Belly Inflated
Batgrrl (Nikki Brooks) walks around Poyson Ivy’s lair as she spots a giant dildo hanging off the vines. Batgrrl is disgusted by Ivy’s deviancy, and is shocked when Ivy confronts her for daring to enter her lair. Batgrrl looks around for a clue, and picks up Ivy’s poisonous heels. Batgrrl can’t help herself as she sniffs Ivy’s magical shoes, and she becomes Ivy’s slave. Ivy tells Batgrrl to suck the cock hanging from her vines - and Batgrrl instantly drops to her knees and sucks Ivy’s huge cock as it dangles from her vines. Ivy’s cock cums all in Batgrrl’s mouth, and Batgrrl’s stomach starts to swell! Her stomach grows bigger and bigger as Ivy’s cum fill Batgrrl’s stomach. Ivy makes Batgurl take off her mask, and reveals her true identity - then sucks even more cock and takes in more cum as her stomach grows bigger! Ivy makes Batgrrl suck her cock and consume cum until her belly grows so big she bursts!(*Custom Clip* Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Gypsy or Nikki? Email us today.), Size:

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