Ginary [ManyVids] - Heavenly & Nikki - Lesbian Fart Fun 1/2


Download Ginary - Heavenly & Nikki - Lesbian Fart Fun 1/2
Nikki Brooks stands at her desk, stressed at how short staffed they have been. Heavenly comes in and Nikki stops her - telling her that their contract has lapsed. Heavenly is offended and farts right in Nikki’s office, putting her under her control with her gas. Heavenly bends over, and her gas draws Nikki right to her ass to worship. Nikki proposes a little game for them to play - if Heavenly wins, she gets to control the day and night, and if Nikki wins, Heavenly’s team’s contract will be officially cancelled and she will be barred forever. They agree, and Nikki uses her ass and farts to put Heavenly in a trance. Nikki makes Heavenly bend to her will, then Heavenly has her turn. Nikki worships Heavenly’s ass, taking in all her gasses and becoming her gassy ass slave! (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Heavenly or Nikki? Email us today.) *all farting is simulated*, Size:

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