Ginary [ManyVids] - Nahla & Velvet - Roommate Wedgie Fight


Download Ginary - Nahla & Velvet - Roommate Wedgie Fight
Lady Velvet sits on the couch as Nahla Feti walks in, upset that Velvet hasn’t folded the clothes for days. Nahla complains that all she has to wear for her date tonight are granny panties. Nahla sees Velvet is stuck wearing granny panties too, and she gives her a big wedgie with her big granny panties. Velvet gets Nahla back by giving her a big wedgie too. The ladies wrestle each other around the living room, giving each other huge atomic wedgies while arguing over who should do the dishes. Watch to see who wins in the end! (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Nahla or Velvet? Email us today.), Size:

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