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HD - You've got a baddie from school, working on her painting on your bed.. on your new sheets, but that's another story. She's going in on some fine detail,  and you begin to notice her fine details. Those short black booty shorts she showed up in for instance and that tiny soft cotton tee she's wearing show her nipples poking. All you can think of is anatomy ight now, not painting. She glances up and reminds you of your homework, but you're like fuck all that. You start stroking, not giving a fuck that your roomie only stepped out for pizza. he could be back any minute to discover you, boxers down with a thick ebony dime sprawled out on your bed.   She can't keep from giggling as your nearly non-existent manhood isn't impressing her at the least bit. She's underwhelmed yet the power she feels over having such control over a tiny man is intriguing. She turns around and plants it in doggy, rubs her ass cheeks slooowly. Moaning, she turns around and giggles more. The more entertained she appears to be the harder you get, the faster you stroke. She tells you to slow it down and follow her words. You dare cum before she's ready for you to cum and she's sure to share this disappointment with your class out of pure annoyance. Keep it up, what you lack in length, make up for in strength.   THIS CLIP ALSO GROWS YOUR DICK LIKE PINOCCHIO'S NOSE WITH: ASS WORSHIP - SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION - JOI - ASSHOLE FETISH - ASS SPREADING - DIRTY TALK - ASS SMACKING - SHORT SHORTS - TITS - STRIP TEASE - MOANING FETISH 0- EBONY GODDESS, Size:

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