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It all starts when you, my bf's friend, ask me to play trust or dare. I agree and say dare and then you tell me to pull out your cock and suck it. I say what the fuck we’re just friends and that my boyfriend will be home in 5 minutes. You’re gross dude! You whip it out and it’s huge. I'm shocked. And I go cross eyed. I say crap daddy. Your cock is much bigger than my boyfriends. Fuck do I really have to suck it. You’re my boyfriends best friend he would be so pissed and it’s kinda messed up. Then I say ok big dick daddy but just this once OK. I then do a really sloppy blowjob/ with drool/ gagging/ face fucking/ ahegao/ stretch my cheek/ I daddy dirty talk with cock in my mouth. I complain and say why haven’t you cummed yet. My boyfriend will be home any minute. Plus my jaw is getting sore. What? You need to see my tits?! No that’s not cool. Ug it would really help you cum? OK. I jerk it off with my arm making my tits bounce up and down with it. I then tell you not to cum on my face and on the floor. but you do anyway. A big facial and I do ahegao. I talk with cum coming out my mouth. I say what the fuck. I'm pissed. And I say I don’t even let my boyfriend nut on my face. I then say oh fuck my boyfriend just pulled in. And look at the door, my big tits are out. Your big cock is out and I have your big fucking load on my face. What?? Well YEAH you’re my daddy. Look at me. My boyfriend doesn’t even get to nut on my face. You are my fucking daddy alright. Wait why are you still hard?? Fuck you need to cum again?! Wait you want me to ride you. NO WAY. uggggg ok that’ll make you cum quick. Ok then. Don’t tell anybody about this. I put my shirt back on I bounce and say crap. Don’t go balls deep. You’re way too big. I’m used to my boyfriends smaller cock. I do ahegao and go balls deep right now. FUCK. you’re splitting me open big dick daddy. I bounce harder and faster so my tits pop out the top of my shirt. Then I say oh fuck. I do ahegao and say you just nutted in me. What the fuck. You were hitting Raw too. Crap. My boyfriend hasn’t done that either. You really fucked me up today. You’re treating me like such a cum whore. YES you’re my daddy look at me. And crap my boyfriend is knocking on the door. What the fuck. Wait why are you laughing. Get the fuck out of here! KEYWORDS: Ahegao, cheating girlfriend, daddy, POV, big tits, pull faces, silly faces, tongue fetish, eyes crossed, eye crossing, eye fetish, cum on face, facial, facialized, cum in mouth, cim, big loads, cumshots, cowigirl, moaning, blowjob, bj, face fucking, deepthroat, amateur. cleavage, handjob, Messy, sloppy, dirty talk, assisted masturbation, drooling, saliva play, wet & Messy, anime, beautiful agony, submissive sluts, cumslut, big dicks, pigtails, pink hair, pink highlights, brunette, meganlive, megan live, immeganlive, Size:

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