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It’s my Birthday, and what a wonderful day it is, my dear! Oh, why is that? Well, I’ve got so many things on my mind. I just found out that I can turn men into object that I please! Isn’t that fantastic? Can you imagine? All this power… I can make men do whatever I want really. I need to go out and find a slave for this. I’m sure that with just a little snap of my fingers, men will be down on their knees. What’s that? You want to be my slave? You want to worship your dear Mother? Well… I don’t know about that really. I’m meant to take care of YOU, not the other way around, silly! It is impressive, isn’t it? This skill of mine. Hmmm. I wonder what I could turn you into... A cute little belly button ring, really make me look young with one of those! You’d be all twisted up in my belly button, locked right there. So cute, too! Maybe snap you into a ring wear you around. A ring on Mom’s finger to remember your dedication to me. Maybe something like… a pair of tight, sexy yoga pants. Wrapped all around my ass and stretched by my ass checks! Ooooh, underneath those yoga pants, maybe that’d be a better place. Tight, pink panties. Although… maybe even more of a worshipping place for you, my dear… That little pocket of fabric where my pussy creams up into it. You could be that very place! Dedicated worship… as it drools down on you. Soaks through you with my juice and sweat. Your face rubbing against my pussy all day. Or… What about making you into a razor? We’re getting into your usefulness as an object here, ya know? Could even get you inside me! Even more of a useful tool, some toilet paper. Wipe my ass after I’ve taken a big, steaming pile… Do you deserve all that? I mean, you want to worship me, right? You didn’t say whether there were any limits, did you? Perhaps I could turn you into a little 1 inch version of yourself. Tape you to my thong strap right over my ass hole. You could lick and clean it all day. Wow, now that’s useful! Ya know, you said you wanted this… I’m on board! You wanted it and that’s that, no more normalcy for you! You can perv around inside my panties like a little horny bug all day! You’re an object to Mom now. Forever. Maybe I’ll give you a break now and then… But this power is… too much to just ignore. And you wanted it. Now, if you’re especially good at this, you might get a special chance… To be my vibrator. Or dildo. Of course, that’s if you’re REALLY good at all of this and don’t complain. Something special like that for my son. I suppose that’s it, huh? Are you SURE you want to be Mommy’s slave? It doesn’t matter now… I think I’m 100% FOR this change! Now!, Size:

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