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Mom is acting strange now, beating around the bush about... finally admits that her hubby can't get her pregnant. He's incapable. Just her luck, all she wanted was to be impregnated! And she can't tell him, it would only upset him and his ego really. So she wonders if there's an options and hints at... something... as she strips out of her clothes.

It takes you too long to get it, and she quickly leaves with her clothes. But you figure out what she's asking soon after and go to her. It's simple really. You'll impregnate her and it'll be perfect, similar enough that nobody would ever know the difference. Your first time having sex is... awkward. It's a bit weird for you both, even though there's obvious pleasure involved.

The second time it's straight up from behind, doggystyle, because she's really not sure she can look. But wow! She's REALLY enjoying it this time!

And the third time is AMAZING because her doctor told her that it's important EVERYONE involved has a good time to ensure this happens. She's REALLY wanting to make sure it's built up enough, giving you some gentle touches and a blowjob before rubbing her clit up enough for you to slide in and have her cum hard on your cock as you fill her up.

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