JackieSynn [ManyVids] - Hot Secretary Makes You Leave Your Wife


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Your hot, curvaceous secretary who you've always lusted after is not happy with the memo you left on her desk. It says she needs to start dressing more appropriately... hmm, doesn't sound like something you'd say. Your bitch wife made you do it didn't she? Well, Jackie knows how much she turns you on and uses it to her full advantage. She won't be changing a thing, she's going to keep wearing revealing dresses, bending over to get you hard because she can. Look at her, she's scorching hot and drives your cock crazy, you'll do anything she says. She notices you're nervous & hard so she does what you've always fantasized about, pulls out her huge tits and lets you play with them. Before you know it you're putty in her goddess hands, wanking and looking at her perfection. You're hers, you'll do as she says, and she says leave that bitch wife of yours so she can be your full time fuck toy. You start to call your wife, but chicken out last minute, so Jackie uses her own phone to call her! You're scared & shocked, but so turned on as you watch your hot secretary tell your stupid wife what's going on. You find yourself wanking to her tits as she laughs at your crying wife on the phone as she tells her you're leaving her for Jackie. It feels so wrong, but so good too... you just can't stop., Size:

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