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Could you please calm down. You’ve been bitching at me all the way home and I don’t want to hear it anymore. It’s not like I’m the first girl that’s done this to you and, if we break up, I won’t be the last. I’m sorry but you have to face facts and just accept it. You’re a cuckold with a tiny dick that has never sexually gratified a woman and you never will. There I said it. So, if you could just shut up for a second and let me explain a few things to you, you will realize that being a cuckold isn’t the worst thing in the world for a husband with a tiny limp dick. I’ll start at the beginning so you know why I’ve come to this conclusion. I ran into your ex-girlfriend the other day and we started chatting. You have never given me any specifics as to why you broke up so I took her to lunch. After a few glasses of pinot, she told me that she had cheated on you with all of your friends. Like, every one of the guys you hang out with regularly still. When I asked her why you still talked to them she told me that you, “never blame the guy.” She actually seemed shocked that I hadn’t cheated on you with them, or someone else, because of how terrible you are in bed. I told her that I’ve trained you to lick me well and that I have lots of toys that we use. That’s when she pulled out her phone and showed me pictures of all of your friend’s cocks. She asked me how I could keep fucking your little penis when I had all these massive dicks around me just waiting to pound me. Well, that thought, and those images, stayed with me and a few months ago and I decided that she was right. So now you have two choices. You can break up with me and I can go spend the night at one of your “friends” houses, or you can accept that you’re a cuckold. If you accept that you’re a tiny penis cuckold I’ll tell you exactly how to stroke your little guy, while I tell you what it was like fucking the rest of your friends. I’ll make it sexy, flash you my tits, pussy, and ass, while I tell you who came where. Yeah, I knew once I explained it to you that you would accept your fate. Now, go on and start stroking but don’t cum until I finish giving you a cum countdown and give you permission., Size:

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