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Faelin's a hot college student from a wealthy family who wanted to take a walk on the wild side. She thought she could handle being with an older guy like me but instead she got seriously Throat Fucked, slapped around and had rough Anal Sex, like never before. This is probably my most popular video, an amazing 2 hours of genuine Dominant/submissive interaction and Daddy kink. I didn't want her vid to get buried among my others, it's too hot to miss out on. Faelin's 1st rim job, 1st time worshiping a man's body, 1st messy Throat Fuck and 1st anal orgasm! Faelin was in very high demand after people saw this video, but she has since retired from porn so this is the only place you'll see ever see her Dominated on video. I love beautiful girl next door types who like to be used by older men. FREE PREVIEW, Size:

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