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This was a custom request) My Sir is away. While He is away i am to always be naked and NEVER touch myself. He is due back tomorrow. I miss Him so i can't help it- i have on pigtails, panties, a top, my collar and long socks; sucking my thumb while masturbating to hentai on my phone. He comes home early & catches me. I quickly get naked ( except for my socks) and get into submissive position on knees spread with hands behind my back. "I am so sorry Sir. I know I am to be naked at all times and never touch myself but I missed You so much. I know I should be severly punished " I start to pinch nipples and attempt to suck them - then i rub myself. "I am soooooo wet Sir" i suck my fingers clean and then spank myself hard until my bum is red. "May I put on a show for You Sir " I cum for Sir and then show Him my bum. "I will keep your property tight until You demand to use it " I then return to submissive position- knees spread hands behind back. "Please punish me more, Sir. You own me, I am your little naked Slave", Size:

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