[ManyVids] A Taboo Fantasy - Magic Potion Mixup


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WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE WRONG PERSON DRINKS A POWERFUL MAGIC POTION??? DADDY ENDS UP FUCKING HIS OWN DAUGHTER!!! Dad has a fool proof plan on how to get the sexy divorced lady next door to have sex with him, while his wife is out of town....he has purchased a powerful Magic Potion!!! All he needs to do is get her to sip the wicked elixir....and she will crave his cock! He has the Potion all mixed up, and ready to go...when his wife calls him on the phone. While he is distracted by the call...his Daughter Sara arrives home...and drinks the Potion!!! Sara goes crazy and starts to pull off dad's pants, and start sucking his cock!! The good news is....the Potion works like a charm!! The bad news is....instead of fucking the hot lady next door....Dad is now fucking his own Daughter!!! Sara takes a pounding from Dad...and then gets a gigantic semen facial, Size: 768.68 MB

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