[ManyVids] Adam Castle - Deadpool Gay CBT Boot Dom Interrogation


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I, DEADPOOL, see you bad guy laying on the floor in my nice hideout. Also your dick is nice and hard. I made you get hard because I am written in the comic book as sexy that way. I am looking for the "JUGGERNAUT" and you are gonna tell me where he is. Oh, you won't tell me!? OK then! I crush and bend your hard cock with my big black boots. How does that feel?! You are being dommed and you are not able to whack off real good. My big boots will do the "whacking" and "beating" on your cock for you. I will put so much pressure on your hard cock you will hate it everytime and feel no pleasure. If you tell me where the JUGGERNAUT is I will whack you off real good with my boots. Tell where he is, tell me where he is! OK not only will I crush your hard cock and nuts, but I will make you lick my boot too. Lick my boot as your cock is crushed and bent. Taste the boot as you feel your hard cock being crushed like a bug. Tell me where the JUGGERNAUT is or else you get no bootjob just a BOOT CBT and BOOT LICK!!! Tags: POV GAY, POV MALE, COSPLAY, MARVEL, DEADPOOL, COMIC BOOK, SUPERHERO, COSTUME, MASK FETISH, BOOT COCK JOI POV, BOOT COCK CRUSH JOI POV, COCK BENT JOI POV, BOOT FETISH, BOOT IN FACE JOI POV, BOOT CBT JOI POV, COCK & BALL TORMENT, VERBAL HUMILIATION, MALE DOMINATION, FOOT DOMINATION, BOOT WORSHIP, GAY JOI, JERK OFF INSTRUCTION, EDGE PLAY, BOOT LICK JOI POV, INTERROGATION, BONDAGE MALE POV, DILDO JOI, COCK TRAMPLE JOI POV, Size: 617.27 MB

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