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It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and instead of enjoying the day outside somewhere, your wife Ash sits on the sofa next to you as you finish up some work from the week. You’re a partner at a private equity firm, and so you unfortunately work often. Ash is clearly proud of your success, but she still likes to ensure that the two of you still connect even when you’re busy. Ash looks over at you playfully. You know what is coming. She unzips her hoodie and your eyes wander down to her cleavage. She says that there isn’t some unwritten rule that married couples never have sex. She lets her hair down. She says that it has been about three weeks since the two of you fucked, and she thinks you should take a break right now to fix that. She turns around and starts to jiggle her ass. Is it getting bigger? She turns back around and brings her tits up to your face. You ask her to pull them out but she says only if you promise to take a break so she can have your dick. You agree. Ash tells you to lie down on the sofa and she gets on top of you. She smiles and pulls out your dick, which is already throbbing. Maybe she is right about you guys not fucking often enough. She starts slowly, licking and kissing your dick before taking you deep in her mouth. You love how well she sucks your dick. After giving you a blowjob for a bit, she says she can’t wait any longer. But she whines that it’s been so long, her pussy is probably going to be too tight for your big dick. She turns around to ride you reverse cowgirl and slowly starts to slide you in. She is tight! You can barely get the tip in at first. Ash works your dick though and she is soon bouncing her ass against you. She feels you getting close and she tells you to fill her pussy up with cum. After, she asks you if you feel better. You laugh and say that it was a good break from work. [*FYI: there is no mention in this video of BBC, black dick, etc, Size: 1.2 GB

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