[ManyVids] BabesAndBandits - Sunday DnD Game 13.7


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In this episode our friends Mistress Vader and Dom are back! In the beginning of the campaign OG joins us with his horse and we start the long journey to find Heimie! We defeat a giant toad along the path and finally meet up with her. She tells us about a large troop of gnolls hiding in a giants skull. We scout out the camp with over 100 gnolls. After a lot of planning and deliberation we finally work out a plan to rescue the townspeople inside. Kyro hides in the nose of the giant and we take down several gnolls, saving all but one of the people. We take them back to Heimie and she sends us on another mission to a sunken tower. We break a portal and interrogate an old gnoll before heading back to Heimie. We celebrate by having special water at a grand feast!, Size: 4.75 GB

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