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This episode is extremely chaotic so we apologize in advance We were going through some stressful things and so this episode is a little all over the place. We start the episode staying in a house in Frostgate. We have been given one week to relax and do as we please. In the middle of the night Bloo wakes up in a huge dark room and Lolth is messing with him. She demands food from him. Bloo blames everything on Kyro of course. Gurdeck feeds us human flest. Bloo and Kyro go to the library and Kyro finds some good information while Bloo basically stands in the corner. We decide to go see the King and Bloo asks his permission to let an evil goddess roam free in Frostgate and eat people...the king says no...Bloo says she is coming anyway. The rest of us manage to convince Bloo to not let an evil spider loose in a city in the middle of a civil war and get him to go pledge allegiance to another god instead. We start heading to the temple and all of a sudden the bushes and trees are alive and theres a troll hag thing that we try to defear but then everything slows down and it turns out we are laying in front of a giant sphinx cat lady, Size: 4.48 GB

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