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Download [ManyVids] Bigsexy Films - Abby Nutted Thrice - Three Creampies
I met Abby while out of town. She was interested in adult modeling, and she needed the money, but she was nervous. We decided to do a shoot in the woods. It was a bit of a failure... it was colder than it should have been, and drizzling. And while it was a little remote, someone could have come upon us. In the end, she got cold feet and we bailed on the shoot. She was coming to my home town a few months later, and so we set up another shoot for then. I was so excited to fuck her. Abby is a beautiful woman, and I could not wait to fuck her. Just about the first thing we did was bend her over so I could penetrate her doggy style. I didn't last long, and gave her a big creampie, half inside and half on her pussy. We took a short break, and then she sucked my cock. You can tell she was a little nervous, but she was so much fun. I fucked her again, and came inside once more. Later that day, I went back to the hotel and fucked her again, filling her up for the third time. Fuck, she is sexy! Production Notes: It was disappointing that I didn't get to fuck Abby in the woods, but in addition to the cold, she was nervous about bears... a completely valid worry in the mountains! About a month later, she told me she would be visiting. That was exciting! She also sent me some naughty masturbation videos to keep me excited for her trip. They were hot. I'll edit the woods video and masturbation videos and upload them soon. For photos, see my MyCrush posts., Size: 1.41 GB

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