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This was a script provided by a fan: It was bound to happen. You knew when you started dating me that your step mother DID NOT approve. She even referred to me as a " cradle robber" at one point! What a bitch, I told you what I would say to her if I ever ran into her... and today it happened!!!! I tell you the story of how I encountered "Tina" (your step mom) and told her to mind her own business. Tina refused to but not backing down. She tried to walk away, but you had her cornered and pushed her back into a wall. Tina stood up for herself and you beat her up. I am going to tell you the story of how I beat her up, while laughing and taunting her. I explain how I punched and pummeled Tina. For example, I say how hard I punched her in the stomach and solar plexus and how it knocked the air out of her. How she tried to fight back, but was too small and weak and wasn't a fighter. How you split her lip, broke her nose, etc. and kicked her in the stomach when she was down trying to get up. How pathetic she looked, how humiliated she must have felt, and how much pain she must have been in, etc. Finally,I tell me that if any woman gets in the way, you will do the same to her. During the video, I am stripping down because I am seducing me and showing of your body, eventually stripping naked., Size: 440.15 MB

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