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I am a giant British Goddess with a giant British appetite so it's no wonder that I called them up after I saw their ad. The header is what caught me "Order The Meat Men Today" so my curiosity peaked and I called. After they told me what exactly they do I became super excited and had them ship me over as many as they could and OMG I got 6 of them. As hunky and yummy smelling as they were I ordered them to shrink down as fast as possible so I could put them in my mouth 1 by 1. I couldn't help but taste them and they tasted so fucking good but I made sure I did not bite down, I had to swallow them whole! 1 by 1 I was able to feel every little bit of them as they moved in my mouth, on my tongue, down my throat and deep into my belly, I even had them play games with each other and made them dance and kick while in the bottom most pits of my lower tummy. After all that excitement I got super horny so I ordered them to jerk off for me before bed while they were still in my tummy 2017 Panther Productions Entertainment, Size: 632.64 MB

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