[ManyVids] Faye Taylor - Crinkly Bunny Hopps wetting peeing


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I’m relaxing indoors and I’ve got a very full bladder I’m wearing a silky smooth pink negligee, a light tan coloured pair of tights, and underneath is a very crinkly BunnyHopps. I turn around so that my pert little bum is facing the camera, and you get a great view of my BunnyHopps poking out of the back of the negligee I kneel up on the chair in the corner of the room to undo the bottom of my negligee, and when I stand back up, you can see my BunnyHopps in all its lovely detail underneath the see through tights By now my bladder is really straining, so I take off my tights and then lean over the chair before opening the floodgates! A hot jet shoots out into my exposed BunnyHopps, filling it steadily as I savour the wonderful tingling sensation of my bladder being satisfied. My plastic is getting nice and heavy, and when I’m finally empty, I sit down in the chair and give my crotch a loving rub. I then put my tights back on over the top of my soggy BunnyHopps, before finally refastening the bottom of my negligee. Now I’m back to how I started, only much much wetter, Size: 857.36 MB

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