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I’m in the bedroom, and I’m feeling incredibly relaxed. I’m wearing an exceptionally snuggly white jumper, that is so thick and fluffy that it is like a fleece It has made me so warm and toasty, and the adorable pair of grey penguin socks I have on are every bit as nice. And speaking of snuggly things, I’m also tightly strapped into an adorable Tena Slip Maxi that fits my pert little bum perfectly. I have put some gorgeous Care Bares bedcovers on the bed to make the room even prettier, and as I lay on the duvet with my eyes closed, I suck on a super cute purple pacifier to relax me even further. The combination of the soft bed, the fluffy fleece and the tight Tena Slip Maxi is very powerful indeed, and I can feel myself drifting off I’m just so comfy, and I’m vaguely aware of taking out my pacifier so that I can suck my thumb. Being in such a calm and relaxed state usually results in one thing, and as I roll over onto my back and slowly spread my legs a little wider, the inevitable happens…with my eyes still closed, my full bladder acts all by itself and spills a lovely warm jet into my Tena Slip Maxi. I can feel the Tena Slip Maxi expanding around my crotch, and sense the beautiful warm sensation spread, and it makes me drift even further. When I finally come around, I pop my pacifier back in and inspect my Tena Slip Maxi, and I lovingly run my fingertips over the plastic. It’s always a lovely surprise to open your eyes and find out that you’re wet, Size: 521.09 MB

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