[ManyVids] Faye Taylor - Wet Barebum diaper walk through the city


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I’m out and about, having a very soggy walk I’m wearing a snuggly pink jumper, a pink t-shirt, my pink denim jacket, a tight pair of grey leggings, on my cute little feet I have on my white high top sneakers, and I have a soaking wet ABU Barebum wrapped around my bum and crotch As I make my way long a public road, I can’t resist inching my leggings down a little to expose the top part of my ABU Barebum. I savour the squelching sensations coming from within as I stroll, and I get a thrill from knowing that someone might spot what I’m doing! I place the camera on the floor to strike some cheeky poses, and then I carry on my way, loving the rustling nosies, and the way my tight leggings are pressing against my plastic. Soggy walks around the city are always more fun, Size: 1.3 GB

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plastic fetish public flashing diaper diaper fetish exhibitionism