[ManyVids] Foot Patrol Studio - Just the Tip with Cecilia Lion

Download [ManyVids] Foot Patrol Studio - Just the Tip with Cecilia Lion
Cecilia Lion is sitting on the patio relaxing with her longtime boyfriend when she brings up something her friend Theresa recently told her. Archer rolls his eyes when Cecilia begins quoting anything from that particular crazy friend. She explains that Theresa confided that she’d met a man who was into sucking her toes. Archer is disgusted and doesn’t want to hear anymore. Cecilia is intrigued by the odd act and is curious to try it herself. Archer tells her that he is completely against such a thing and flatly refuses. Cecilia wiggles her toes and asks “Don’t you think they’re cute?” The cornered boyfriend agrees that she has cute feet, but simply doesn’t believe that a foot should be in a mouth. Cecilia continues with her sweet provocation until she finally convinces Archer to try it by saying: “Just the tip, baby.” He reluctantly gives it a go and the couple soon learns that it is quite erotic. Cecilia Lion decides that foot licking and toe sucking will definitely have a place in their daily sex life. @officialcclionx #CeciliaLion @PediPolice #pedipolice #footpatrolstudio #footfetish #archerlegend #feetonfilm #footfetishmodel #footworship #footworshipstudio #footfetishnation #850footman #footman #ebonyfeet #footplay, Size: 919.74 MB

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