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::This was a custom video for a fan :: "You have a keen sense for this and it would be great to see you combine JOI/JOE/Dirty Talk in general with snot. You could sneeze until you're able to generate snot and then either let it drip from your nose or blow it, "rocket" style, when you have enough build up. As a suggestion, you could be positioned slightly above the camera so your snot is able to drip toward the viewers POV as if they were under you as you talk about the fantasy. I trust your creative abilities, so my main preferences would be to have a more dominant or serious tone as you tell the viewer confidently you know exactly what we want to do with your snot, and perhaps you can think of ways for us to utilize it for our pleasure. It would also be great to act as if we are under you as you tell us to open our mouths as it slowly drips down, what to do as it falls in our mouth, etc. ", Size: 514.97 MB

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joi bbw jerk off instruction sneezing nose blowing