[ManyVids] Jasmine Tea - Punish Me Daddy : Your Naughty Baby Girl


Download [ManyVids] Jasmine Tea - Punish Me Daddy : Your Naughty Baby Girl
You told your baby girl to wait for you until you get home, but she just felt so horny she couldn't help herself. She's been itching for your touch and she wants it rough, so she makes a video of her. She starts off in her cute outfit of a white off-the-shoulder top and denim skirt telling you how much she wants your touch and why she's making this video. She then talks about the naught things she's done while you're away like go outside with no panties and masturbated even if you told her not to. She tells you all the things she wants you to do to her. She wants you to handle her roughly so badly because she's been such a naughty girl and shows you how much by making herself cum with the vibrating wand you like to use onto her clit so much when she's being a bad girl. She makes herself cum once. She feels it's not enough for you to give the rush punishment she wants so she makes herself cum again, giving you a nice close up view of her pussy the second time she's masturbating with the vibrating wand. Lots of "daddy" talk and dirty talk, Size: 982.3 MB

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