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ON HER WEDDING DAY....LITTLE SISTER KACI IS SHOWN HOW TO EMPTY A BOY'S BALLS!!! BY HER BIG SISTER TRISH!!! Trish's little Sister Kaci is getting Married.....and as the Big Sister....it is Trish's responsibility to have the "talk" with Her little Sister. The "talk", of course....is the talk about how She must Milk Her new husband constantly, once She is Married....to keep him in line. Kaci has never Milked a boy before...and as She is getting dressed in Her Wedding Gown...and preparing to go to the Church....Trish decides that Kaci must learn how to Milk!! Trish calls in Her obedient husband, Jim....and tells Jim to lie there and Shut-Up...so She can teach Her little Sister how to Milk. Kaci watches in wonder as Big Sister Trish shows her how to milk an ejaculation from a stupid boy. The ejaculation happens very quickly....and Trish makes sure that there is no sound at all from Her husband, as She shows Kaci how to Smother a boy's mouth shut while you Milk him., Size: 220.77 MB

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