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I can’t believe that you actually did that last night, my slutty cuckold. I’ve always been able to get you to do almost anything I said but I have never got you to go that far before. Don’t get me wrong, it was hot, but I really didn’t think you would let me dress you up like a sissy and then watch you get fucked by two of my boyfriends. Wow, did they pound you hard! I noticed you’re walking a little funny this morning and I am pretty sure that everyone else who sees you today will notice too. It’s so obvious you spent all night taking it up the ass. Now that you’re a full-blown well-fucked sissy bitch, I see no reason for you not to wear panties 24/7. At home, you will dress like a girl full time, that includes when my bulls and my girlfriends come over. Now, I know you were too busy having your holes filled last night to jerk your tiny dick so I’m going to help you out with that this morning. I’m going to let you stroke your tiny cock, while still wearing your makeup and the slut clothes you got fucked in last night, and I am going to tell you all about your new life as a sissy cum dump. I’ll do this for you until you can’t take it anymore, then I’ll give you a cum countdown so you can swallow your cum for me just like you swallowed both of my boyfriends’ hot cum loads last night., Size: 219.19 MB

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