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Aw, look who’s crying. Why is my most useless beta bitch slave crying? What? You thought you were my favorite chastity cuckold slave? HA HA HA! Why the fuck would you think that? You’re just another pathetic limped-dick loser. Why is this a surprise to you? You came to me begging to be my slave. Begging me to take control of your life. You begged me, while you were on your knees, to serve me so that your pointless existence would finally have some meaning. Well, that’s what I’ve given you. Your servitude to me is a one-way street. Your subservience to my every whim is what gives your life meaning. Your submission does nothing more than amuse me. You’re just another plaything. Another gross, disgusting, stupid, weak-willed, spineless, boot licking wretch to humiliate and dominate, until there’s not one shred of dignity or pride left. Now, pull your pretty panties down. Here’s the key to your chastity cage. You’re going to unlock your clitty, then rub it exactly as I say, while you lick the bottom of my dirty boots while you cry. While you’re doing that, I’m going to tell you every vile thing I think about you so that you never, ever, think there’s anything even a tiny bit special about you, ever again. As always you will eat your cum after your cum countdown. If you cum before I permit you, I will stand up and stomp on your tiny balls so hard that you’ll never be able to cum again., Size: 220.66 MB

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