[ManyVids] Katy Faery - Cum All Over My Pad


Download [ManyVids] Katy Faery - Cum All Over My Pad
Sexy Princess, Katy Faery, lays back on the couch in a hot tiny tank top and sexy pink lace panties. Katy’s big pad sticks out from the sides of her panties. “I’m on my cycle, so you’re not going to get any action today…but I know how much my cycle drives you crazy.” Katy knows you love to watch her walk around in her big pads, and the power of menstruating turns you on. “So, you get to stroke your cock while you look at my sexy pad, and think about all the wonderful things that comes with a woman’s cycle.” Katy tells you to stroke your cock to her sexy pad budge. Her cycle makes her so horny…Even though she can’t have dick, she wants it so bad. Katy rubs her pad, and tells you to stroke your hard cock. Katy talks about her cycle, how she feels…what it looks like, how she has to change her pads. She tells you to stroke your cock, thinking about her cycle pussy gripped around your cock. “Women go through this every single month…I don’t know if men could do that.” Katy stands up so you can see her pad up close. She turns around, and shows off her ass, and her pad. Katy sits back down and tells you to keep rubbing your cock, thinking about her sexy pad and cycle. Katy tells you that she’s going to count down from 5, and she wants you to cum thinking about her pad and cycle when she gets to the end. 5…..4….3….2…1… “Cum all over my pad!” Katy giggles, and tells you that she knows how much you love her cycle time. Until next time!, Size: 545.29 MB

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