[ManyVids] Kendra Heart - Blackmailing Brothers Wife Comp HD MP4


Download [ManyVids] Kendra Heart - Blackmailing Brothers Wife Comp HD MP4
This is the full and complete series called Blackmailing My Brothers Cheating Wife, this series stars Kendra Heart. This is a POV Taboo Milf Cougar Blackmail Cheating Wife Reluctant CFNM JOI Masturbation Handjob Topless Deepthroat Blowjob Hardcore Creampie Sex Series. You can now buy all 4 parts of this series here at a discount! Part 1: My best friend worked at a hotel down the airport and while he was working one night he took a video of my brothers wife Kendra going into a room with another man. This happened few more times and he sent me all the videos so with all the evidence i went over to my brothers house when i knew he would be at work. i found Kendra in the kitchen, we made some quick small talk and the i dropped the bomb on her. she tried to deny it and then i showed her the video which made her go quite. she asked me what i wanted to delete the video and keep my mouth shut, she offered to pay me right away. I told her it wasn't money i wanted, she asked what then and I said I wanted her. she said she couldn't do that because she was married and i was her brother in law. I told her I understood but i would have to show my brother the videos. she went back and forth and finally reluctantly agreed to meet me in her bedroom. i decided to take it slow with her so i just made her strip to her bra and panties and pose while i jerked off. once i busted my nut i she told me to delete the video and all i did was laugh and said id be back over another so she can keep making her payments for my silence. Part 2: It had been a few days since i made my brothers wife jerk me off as payment foe keeping my mouth shut about her being a cheating whore. i was feeling horny so i waited till i knew my brother would be at work. i let myself into there house and found Kendra in the kitchen. what followed was a few minutes of her trying to talk her way out of the situation. i told her i needed a handjob or i had to tell my brother about her cheating. pretty quickly i was naked on there bed while my reluctant sister in-law Kendra jerk me off. Part 3: When i got out of school i went straight to my brothers house knowing he would still be at work and his wife Kendra would be home alone. i walked in and found Kendra in the kitchen and needless to say she wasn't happy to see me. she asked what the hell i wanted now, i told her for another week of me not sending my brother the proof that she s a cheating whore i needed something from her. she reluctantly asked what and i told her it would cost her a blowjob. she freaked and of course said no but once i reminded her that she really didn't have a choice she agreed! that's how my brothers topless cheating wife ended up swallowing my nut after school. Part 4: I decided it was time time let Kendra off the hook, so when i went to her house while my brother was at work for one last time of fun. like always she wasn't happy to see but i gave th...

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