[ManyVids] Mandy Flores - The Bet - Accidental Cuckold - Mandy Flo


Download [ManyVids] Mandy Flores - The Bet - Accidental Cuckold - Mandy Flo
INCLUDES: CUCKOLDING - CHALLENGES - POV - HUMILIATION - SIMULATED SEX - FOOT FETISH - LOST BETS - JOI Custom video request: You are my girlfriend and you're sitting on the couch with legs crossed moving your leg and foot around and you're telling me about this really cocky guy at your work who keeps telling you that he's better in bed than me and he'd be the best cock you've ever had and totally own your pussy. You're laughing because you know there is no way he can be as good as he says he is and you're tempted to embarrass him at work and prove to all the girls there he's a loser in the sack and you totally want to deflate his ego. You then realize a "great" idea would to make a bet with him. That you'd fuck him and if you make him cum first he has to pay for a trip for us to go on and admit to everyone at work just how great you are and how terrible he is. You're really cocky about it (with your leg moving while crossed and foot bobbing up and down) because you KNOW he can't handle you and it will be kinda a sucker bet and you want a vacation. You notice I'm not really fond of the idea so you start to pump me up... 'no way he's better than you", this is a sucker bet... I'll totally drain him quickly etc. You notice my dick is getting hard at your legs crossed so you tell me to jerk off to the pace of your foot moving while your legs are crossed and if I cum, you get to make your bet and I can even watch. I of course cum on your foot and you say you're excited to set the bet up. Next scene you tell me you're about to start the bet and that "when" you win by making him cum, he's going to have to pay for our vacation. But if he wins, he gets to go on vacation with you and gets to tell everyone at work he now owns that pussy. You assure me that he's got no chance and you are laughing about what a sucker he is... that is until you feel him "enter" you from behind... your face obviously is surprised about the size and how it feels but you quickly collect yourself and say things like "don't worry babe, we got this etc". But then you start getting fucked harder and you start to say things like "wow, he is big and this feels really really good." You keep fucking and you finally say "Ok, enough fun and games... I'm gonna make him bust now". and you are moving and saying back at him mockingly "yeah, am I gonna make you cum? Are you gonna lose this bet?..." and then your face changes and you are obviously enjoying it... and you start to say things to me like "I'm sorry baby... he's so good, Oh my god, its so big and i think its better than you..." You start to get close to cumming and start saying "OH sh*t I think he's going to win... I'm sorry honey but he's going to own this pussy" as you cum on his dick. Next scene you come in and you sit down and cross your legs. You tell me you had no idea that someone could be so good in bed and the reality is you didn't lose at...

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