[ManyVids] MessyCleo - Chocolate and Custard Massage


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Is there anything nicer than getting a lovely massage from the one you love? Yes ofcourse! Getting a chocolate massage from him is eve better! Bob applies some chocolate paste on Cleo's bum and starts to massage it in. He slowly works his way up her back, covering her entire backside with the sticky brown chocolate goodness. Then she slowly turn around and Bob starts to work on het front, covering her belly en her lovely boobs. He goes on until every inch of her gorgeous body is covered. He then takes a bowl of green custard and pours it over Cleo's chocolate covered body. The custard is very cold and she shivers a bit until Bobs rubs her warm again. After massaging the green custard in, he takes a big bowl of yellow custard and starts to pour it in her open mouth, covering her face while doing just that. While she rubs the custard over her body, he fills his pants with the yellow goo. Then he pours the rest of the cold custard over Cleo. They finish with rubbing it in together., Size: 933.59 MB

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