[ManyVids] Mistress Chantel - Sweaty Workout Feet

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I have just come home from a long workout! My feet are sweaty and stinky and you are my bitch waiting for me to get home to clean them. I don't care how bad they are because you are my bitch and that's what you are there for. I am going to walk all over you, stomp on you, your body, throat, and face will be walked & stomped on. Then you get your little treat. Your going to sniff the sweaty goodness from my shoes & socks & make sure you lick those socks clean! I'm going to make sure that I gag you with my sweaty sock foot and then you are going to clean my bare feet while I relax. I'm going to make sure you are gagging while my toes are wriggling at the back of your throat. Your such a loser bitch boy. My pathetic foot bitch. I will leave you used and .Leaving me used and ., Size: 401.96 MB

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foot fetish ass worship female domination humiliation trampling