[ManyVids] MiztressSophie - Whipping: Volume 2


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I think I finally broke a slave! Today I met with a new member to Team Miztress, and he wanted some good old fashioned whipping action. Now, I'm no stranger to a whip, and my years of experience have taught me to wield it well. I'm not entirely sure how much of a novice this guy was, but he certainly couldn't take what I had to offer. So, there he is, cock locked in a cage, legs spread and shackled, hands shackled to chains, ball gag in mouth,blindfolded, at my mercy. There I was, sexy outfit, bad attitude, whip in hand. It started off well, I got the usual screams of pain. But as we progressed, he just couldn't hack it. It quickly went from muffled screams of pain that he could clearly bear, to screams of agony. What you don't see on camera is him jumping to his feet in a panic and desperately trying to unchain himself, and out of courtesy, and because I'm a professional, I decided not to include this because he didn't want his face shown. I well and truly broke this man. He felt the full power of Miztress Sophie. As he was leaving, he said he wouldn't be back. I called him 20 minutes after he left just to make sure he was okay, and despite what he'd said about not coming back, and despite the fact that he cut our session short he said he may actually reconsider and return to face my whip. This is the first time a sub has quit on me because they couldn't take it. You can can now watch it happen on video. I hope you enjoy seeing a man biting off far more than he can chew at the hands of a supreme Domina. I know I enjoyed being responsible for it, Size: 298.73 MB

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