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ENDO CAMERA USED // SFX- EXTREME BELLY GROWTH // I’m so happy that I got to make you a special dinner and get all sexy for you and serve you. I really hope you enjoyed my surprise babe and it looked like you enjoyed dinner. You were devouring your food and I loved watching you get so full in your belly. It kind of turned me on even.. getting to serve you like this. I think you knew that I was going to take you from the kitchen and seduce you into the bedroom. I know it’s been rough between us lately so I wanted to make dinner and make things up to you. Watching you so happy and having such a nice meal with you made everything all better. I think that you are in the mood babe. Why don’t we go to the bedroom and maybe take this off? I see that bulge and I know you want to play, it’s been awhile. I’m kind of hungry myself.. maybe for something different. I’m so horny babe I’m glad we moved this to the bedroom. It’s been so long since we’ve had some fun and I know you are horny too. Go ahead and get undressed for me.. I’ll strip for you too. I’m dying for your cock inside of me. I’m hungry for something too and there might be some surprises for you and it won’t be what you expect. I love how hard your dick is babe, let me slide these panties off for you. It’s been forever since you’ve seen my perfect pussy.. I’m going to take all of your cock inside me babe. It feels so good to ride you. There is a little something I need to tell you though babe.. you know how I said I’ve been hungry lately? Well it isn’t for food. I’ve been hungry for humans.. I just kind of want to like chew on your arm. I know it sounds really weird but I knew that the only way I could convince you was if I was riding you and I really want to try this. Your dick feels so good inside of me and just imagine me tasting you. I get so turned on thinking about devouring you and just chomping on you. Just let me try a tiny taste babe, please. I’ll let you cum in me even babe. Really? You will let me try!? I’m so excited.. let me just get off your dick for one second. Just one bite and then I’ll go back to riding you I promise. I take a nice big bite and oh my god you taste so good babe.. I’m just going to take one more bite. You arm tastes so good babe I even let out a burp of satisfaction! It totally fed my hunger eating you.. but there is a little problem. I climb back on top of you and start riding you again.. but you see.. I kind of want more. Doesn’t it feel good to have me ride you? Feel good to have me eat you? Please just let me have one more bite I’m so hungry babe. Really? Don’t worry I’ll be quick.. taking another big bite of your arm and eating it.. its so satisfying! Burping and giggling you can see I’m enjoying myself. Don’t worry I’ll let you cum inside me babe. You just taste so good. I jump back on your dick.. I want you to cum for me babe.. deep inside my pussy. Oh yes babe just like that! Been a long...

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