[ManyVids] PrincessDiana - Husband Prepared Birthday Overeating


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clip request:  I want to enjoy lots of burps throughout with as much talking from yourself as possible, you can talk about absolutely anything. It’s totally up to you. When you begin to begins to get difficult you don’t have to say anything just keep burping, and show off your sexy body! Your husband has planned this whole night! Now, you don’t realise what your husband has planned. Your husband has ordered a huge pizza that arrives as soon as you have finished playing. You will do anything he says. You look incredibly, burping like crazy. Your husband helps you sit down and gives you one last with an entire pizza. He asks you to eat the pizza for him, and you do it because even though you don’t want to you will do anything for him because you love him. You tell him that you will eat it all for him. You try to eat as much as you physically can, you continue to eat even though it hurts and you are in tremendous pain. You keep burping, every time you burp it makes you feel a little better. But it’s not enough, you continue to moan and complain. You finally reach your limit, you have never been so stuffed in your entire life. You really pushed yourself to the limit on this one. Not even it can help you, you really over did it this time. This might be the last ever Facestuffing/overeating video you make, you really don’t want to feel like this ever again. When you have finished all you can you sit/lie there groaning and moaning whilst your husband plays with your stuffed belly! He plays with your belly for a few minutes whilst you are unable to move. Then all of a sudden you begin to feel angry. You finally understand what your husband has done tonight. You push his hand and tell him “my belly hurts, I’m not doing this ever again” you moan and complain letting out a few burps, then the camera cuts., Size: 817.37 MB

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